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Teaching online can open up interesting opportunities. There’s also the matter of the system learning curve. It’s not easy mastering new technology — especially when your work depends on it. But once mastered, taking your teaching skills digital can give you flexibility to travel, a great part time job option or simply a change of pace from your classroom experiences.

How to become a teacher

    Start Your Online Application:
    It takes just a few minutes to fill out some basic info about yourself, including educational and work experience. You’ll also get a chance to demonstrate your knowledge via a skills assessment.
    Online teaching requires special considerations. You may find that much of what you’re used to telling students verbally now needs to be translated into text. You’ll also want to know what technology options are available to make sure you’re taking advantage of your options: Are timed quizzes available? Does your learning management system (LMS) allow links to YouTube? Can students video themselves answering discussion questions, or does their homework have to be written? Beyond knowing the ins and outs of the LMS you’ll be using, here are some ways to ensure a successful adaption of your curriculum:
    1. Understand your school’s process for course material creation.
    2. Prepare homework and reading materials accordingly.
    3. Vary assignments for all learning styles.
    1. How do I find students to tutor?
    We do the work for you in finding tutoring opportunities that match with your area of expertise! Once you log in to your account, you'll have 24/7 access to tutoring requests specifically for subjects you can tutor.
    2. Do I have to be located within the U.S. to tutor with TutorMe?
    Nope! There are exceptional tutors all around the world, so we welcome international applicants. To maintain our industry-leading quality standards, we require all applicants to be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited university.
    3. My application was not approved. Can I reapply?
    To ensure our students receive academic support from the most qualified tutors, our acceptance rate is approximately 4%. We are not currently accepting reapplications.